Jeudis is a group of 8 talented textile artists who come from at least three different counties in the East Midlands, UK.  We meet on Thursdays - hence the name.  We come from a diverse range of backgrounds, but with stitched textiles being the catalyst that brings us all together.

Our talents are very varied, some endeavour to create beautifully detailed pieces of work, whilst others have a more painterly approach with stitch being used to enhance.  We also have a felter in our midst creating not only wall hung items but garments as well, some of us choose a more 3D and sculptural approach to our subjects.

The choice of palettes within the group is interesting - some choose to use a subtle blend of colours whilst others go for a more dynamic colour range, something to suit all tastes.

The one thing that unites us all is the quality of the work produced, all of our exhibitions have been carefully planned and executed to give a cohesive result which should be of interest to everyone.



River Of Flowers In the wood -Christine Plummer.jpg All my colours turn to Cloud (Detail)

Image Two Detail Mid Summer River Of Flowers Rock Face - Vessel